Several things occur when living through an era of accelerated change. Surges in creativity, invention, bravery, and collaboration are just a few things that emerge. Success is realized by those who come up with the most creative solutions to demanding problems.

This more diverse and creative environment means businesses look different today, with issues that have evolved beyond trade and distribution. To be adaptive, business goals need to clearly identify strategic plans and approach to environmental, social and governance challenges.

The determination and resilience shown throughout this past year, specifically from our local business owners throughout Niagara, is what will yield success in 2023. This strength at a community level is what we believe will continue to secure the foundation of our local and national economies.

On the cover of this latest issue, we feature Lancaster, Chown & Welch LLP. On the heels of its first year since one of the most prominent law firm mergers in Niagara, Lancaster, Chown & Welch LLP also concludes its one hundred and fortieth year of service. A merger is a remarkable accomplishment, let alone the uniting of four successful law firms during one of the most tumultuous periods in world history. With a full year in review, there is no denying the uniting of Chown Cairns LLP, Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP, Broderick & Partners LLP, and Graves & Richard P.C. has proven to be a successful endeavour. 


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