Thursday, Jun 2023

Our natural landscape throughout the Niagara Region presents us with everything we require to grow, produce, and create the most tantalizing farm to table experiences around.

Whether its farm to market, farm to table, or farm to fork, Niagara’s bountiful supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy have created an overflowing access to a healthier, more locally inspired culinary intake both in and outside of our homes especially this winter.

These farm concepts are certainly anything but new. They consist of battles that are decades old that have been pushing a cultural change around how we grow, produce, and consume our food. Once upon a time, there was no alternative to a homegrown or homecooked meal. Nearly everything was prepared fresh, and most diets consisted of a healthy balanced variety of food.

After moving through the industrial age, with equipment being created for mass production of goods to reduce costs, we also entered a more processed food environment. It also became more popular to dine out, and as people became busier in their day to day lives, the dining experience itself changed substantially. Going out for dinner was once an event, often to celebrate a special occasion or milestone, and you took your time to enjoy the surroundings and the experience, but over time, the frequency of faster, more convenient, and later, mediocre quality meals have increased.

Even through this change, the topics of eating well and supporting locally grown foods were always there, but since have come the time for these conversations be louder.

The highly talked about benefits of eating well in conjunction with making more frequent choices to support the local community is
filled with tremendous benefits to your body and the economy. Quite literally, we are surrounded by local markets and a bustling restaurant industry that embrace its local Niagara roots. It has become exciting and enjoyable to incorporate these healthier and locally inspired meal choices into our regular routine.

This excitement isn’t just occurring here with the locals either. More and more of our visiting audience is seeking out these fresh, authentic, seasonally, and locally inspired culinary menus across the various bistros and restaurants in Niagara. The accolades are growing and the Chefs throughout the region continue to be more passionate and even more inspired to continue to create and deliver their craft.

By exploration and experimentation, we encourage you to go where you have not yet gone and to satisfy your senses in a way that is sure to deliver an impeccable dining experience.

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