Niagara Falls: The Ontario government is backing Ontario Power Generation’s initiative to revamp its hydroelectric facilities in the region, including the Sir Adam Beck Complex at Niagara Falls. This $1 billion infrastructure endeavor aims to secure up to 1,700 megawatts (MW) of clean electricity, sufficient to power 1.7 million homes, thus meeting the escalating demand arising from electrification and fueling the province’s development.

Todd Smith, Minister of Energy, emphasized, “For over a century, hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls has been the backbone of our province's energy. With today’s investment, we're extending the operational lifespan of these stations by another 30 years to help Ontario address its increasing electricity requirements.” He added that this refurbishment program, a component of the Powering Ontario’s Growth Plan, will generate employment opportunities and ensure adequate power supply for upcoming major international investments, new housing developments, and growing industries transitioning to electrification.

As part of the initial phase, OPG and its partner, GE Vernova, will refurbish up to 25 units at the Sir Adam Beck Complex starting in 2025, potentially boosting the station's capacity by up to 50 MW. Additionally, OPG is strategizing future enhancements for its DeCew I and DeCew II generating stations in the region.

Ken Hartwick, President and CEO of OPG, stressed the significance of modernizing and optimizing OPG's renewable energy assets like the Sir Adam Beck complex to meet the escalating demands of electrification and a thriving economy. He affirmed that through this refurbishment, the hydropower facility will continue its legacy of producing cost-effective, reliable electricity for Ontarians for decades to come.


Photo by OPG

The refurbishment project at the Sir Adam Beck complex is slated to span the next 15 years, generating over 200 highly skilled and well-compensated jobs in the Niagara region.

Andrea Khanjin, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, highlighted the government's commitment to ensuring a future of clean, reliable, and affordable power in the province through investments like the one in the Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations.

This investment in Ontario’s hydroelectric infrastructure is just one facet of the comprehensive Powering Ontario’s Growth plan, which encompasses various measures to meet rising energy demands and reduce emissions, including advancements in nuclear energy, competitive procurements for clean energy resources, expansion of transmission infrastructure, and initiatives to enhance energy efficiency, ultimately aiming to keep costs down for families and businesses.


Source: Government of Ontario

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