OPHARDT Hygiene, based in Lincoln, Ontario, is a prominent provider of advanced hygiene solutions globally. The company specializes in creating innovative hand hygiene and dispensing systems, offering a wide array of products tailored to enhance cleanliness and safety across various sectors. Their solutions are designed with a focus on sustainability and ease of use, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness while striving to reduce environmental impact.

At their modern facility in Lincoln, OPHARDT conducts rigorous research, development, and manufacturing processes. This state-of-the-art hub ensures that all products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. The facility is instrumental in the creation of cutting-edge hygiene technologies that address the evolving needs of industries such as healthcare, food service, and public institutions.

OPHARDT Hygiene’s commitment extends beyond product innovation; they are dedicated to advancing global hygiene practices and improving public health. Their systems help prevent the spread of infections and diseases, contributing to the overall well-being of communities worldwide.

Moreover, OPHARDT’s presence in Lincoln significantly boosts the local economy by providing employment opportunities and fostering economic growth. Their dedication to high-quality manufacturing supports the workforce in Lincoln, reinforcing the town's reputation as a center for excellence in industrial production.

In summary, OPHARDT Hygiene plays a vital role in enhancing public health through innovative hygiene solutions. By promoting cleanliness and well-being globally, and supporting the local economy in Lincoln, Ontario, OPHARDT exemplifies a commitment to both technological advancement and community development.


Originally published on Reveal Niagara Business Magazine Vol 5 | Iss 1

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