Norgen Biotek Corp, based in Thorold, Ontario, is a prominent biotechnology firm known for its expertise in nucleic acid and protein purification technologies. Their state-of-the-art products serve diverse applications in molecular biology, genomics, and diagnostics. Norgen Biotek's commitment to innovation and quality is evident in their advanced research and development capabilities, allowing them to provide reliable solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the scientific community.

The company's cutting-edge facility in Thorold integrates manufacturing, research, and quality control operations, ensuring high-quality standards and efficient production processes. This comprehensive approach ensures that Norgen Biotek consistently delivers products that are both innovative and dependable.

As a vital entity in the biotech industry, Norgen Biotek Corp significantly contributes to advancements in biomedical research and diagnostics. Their efforts not only drive scientific progress but also bolster the local economy, fostering a spirit of innovation in Thorold. By maintaining a focus on quality and innovation, Norgen Biotek Corp continues to support the scientific community with products that push the boundaries of molecular biology and genomics.


Originally published on Reveal Niagara Business Magazine Vol 5 | Iss 1

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