These quintessential product selections directly from Harper herself aren't mere products—they're bold declarations. Elevate your beauty arsenal with these transformative essentials, each more than just a makeup item. They're the embodiment of empowerment, promising to redefine your beauty routine with every application.

  1. Unify Multi Pencil
    A versatile shade-correcting pencil is a must-have for easy and flawless makeup application! Buildable, smooth, and creamy, it's perfect for concealing, highlighting, contouring, and more. With a natural finish, it's a multitasking hero. Packed with natural oils, it effortlessly blends into your skin for a lightweight feel.

  2. Mattifying Moon Dust
    A vegan, talc-free translucent powder—velvety smooth, shine-reducing, and suitable for all skin tones. A weightless finish to set makeup all day with hero ingredients like naturally derived Squalane and sustainably sourced organic apricot oil. Plus, our refillable aluminum packaging is an eco-friendly touch with endless repurposing possibilities.

  3. Eyeshadow Pencils
    A creamy, vegan eyeshadow pencil—packed with powerful pigments for a defined or smoky look. The vivid, blendable shades effortlessly diffuse with a brush or your fingertips, offering a natural flush or a bold pop of colour. The hero ingredient, organic coconut oil, ensures a smooth glide for precise and easily blended application.

  4. Courage Cream Lip & Cheek
    Explore versatile lip and cheek creams—clean, vegan, and eco-friendly. Highly pigmented, easily layered, and features moisturizing Jojoba Oil for a smooth application. The 50% PCR mono-material packaging is recyclable and fits the small eco-refills.

  5. Sustain Lipstick
    This ultra-pigmented, buildable vegan lipstick, enriched with shea butter, delivers rich, velvety colours. Now in premium, refillable packaging, SUSTAIN promotes sustainability through reuse and reduction, encouraging a conscious beauty journey. Original paper packaging is still available in select retail partners. Redefine your lipstick ritual with purpose and eco-consciousness.


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