The origin of an oyster has a big effect on its taste, and after giving it some thought the reasons seem obvious. An oyster feeds off and filters water, so it stands to reason that river oysters for example, give a more earthy taste while those found at sea have a brinier, sharper taste.

Pacific oysters tend to be small and sweet, described to us once as tasting like honey dew melon. For a more pickled taste, you can source Malpeque oysters that give off the perfect balance of sweetness, brine, and pickle-like liveliness. Some of the tastiest oysters tend to come from less- than-glamorous locations so don’t be shy in exploring ones from different homes.

When it comes to pairing, some see oysters as a luxury food that should be served up with a glass of bubbly, but a crisp chardonnay will never disappoint. You can also explore a viognier, as the fruity undertones will give off a different kick in flavour, especially if you’re topping your oysters with a scotch bonnet. A pairing that goes back nearly 200 years is a firm stout, so consider pouring yourself a tall glass of Guinness to accompany your oysters next time.

Enjoying tapas has evolved beyond the need to eat; it’s become a social event. These delicious small bites are perfect to enjoy with friend while sipping on drinks, listening to live music or lounging on a patio or backyard deck. In some cultures, serving and enjoying tapas is a way of living. Spain – Middle Eastern snacks called mezze.

Tapas in Spain are little bites that pair with a drink, often served while standing at the bar on small plates while sharing and talking with friends. Similarly, the meze- style spread is common throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East.

In Niagara, there is no shortage of venues that offer all sorts of appetizers and tapas. Some are meant to be shared, others are made as small individual dishes with their own cutlery when you want something smaller than what you would have for a complete meal. Throughout the summer and fall, you can find several restaurants that have tapas events perfect for luring you onto their patio and pairing your favourite snackables with a pint or a cocktail.


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